Stop – Six

Ayushman Stop-six is an Ayurvedic Oral Contraceptive. It is an ancient system of contraception. Refrences of the use of these ingredients are found in Ayurvedic Granth and even in Charak Sanghita. We have perfected these ingredients by combining Ayurvedic research with modern technology. The tablet has to be taken according to the manual along with the pack. The tablet has to be swallowed whole, with water & should not be chewed or crushed. In case the tablet is accidently broken then it should not be consumed.

Stop-six is an easy safe and reliable method of preventing pregnancy in those women who may want to prevent unwanted pregnancy or may want to delay another pregnancy after delivery. A single tablet of Stop-six available in the pack prevents pregnancy upto six months provided the guidelines as written in the manual are properly followed.


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