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Ayushman Healthcare was founded in the year 2015 with a vision. The vision was to provide High End products with guaranteed time bound results. After the company was founded in 2015, we did not do any business for more than two years. This period was spent extensively on research work & on product stability. The idea behind this company is not to flood the already overcrowded market with one more general product but to offer very result oriented & disease specific medicine. We draw our compositions from ancient Ayurvedic texts, richly experienced Ayurvedacharyas and combine them with latest & cutting edge technology to make them effective and affordable.

100% Vegetarian

Non-genetically modified natural ingredients

Gold standards

Premium actives & precise dosages

Legacy since 2015

Pioneers in herbal formulations

Clinically Proven

Registered trials and extensive research

Purity & Safety

International standards of metal toxicity

Conscious Packaging

Non-leaching, biodegradable & recyclable

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